Getting Started


  • Unity 2019.2 or newer, along with selected platforms (iOS, Android) for your project
  • The SDK is compatible with (IL2CPP & .NET 2.0) , (IL2CPP & .NET 4.x) , (Mono & .NET 2.0) but not compatible with (Mono & .NET 4.x)
  • A running AppInst deployed on your edge server
  • Git installed

Import MobiledgeX Unity SDK

The fastest way to import the MobiledgeX Unity SDK into your project is by using Unity Package Manager.

You can open it from Window > Package Manager in Unity.

To add MobiledgeX Package, select the + icon and click on “Add package from git URL…”

Enter in the text field, which will automatically start the process of importing the package into your application.


Once you have successfully imported the Unity package, you will see a new tab as part of the Unity menu labeled MobiledgeX

Click Setup, which will open a new Unity window asking you for your application's

  • organization name
  • app name
  • app version number

After you provide your application credentials, click the setup button, which will communicate with the DME to verify that your application definition exists on the MobiledgeX console. If successful, your project will be set up with the correct plugins and resources necessary to use our APIs. You can verify if these files were generated correctly by looking in the Plugins and Resources folders of your project.

Important: Make sure your Resources/MobiledgeXSettings.asset file has the correct information for your application.

Platform Specific


The minimum API we support for Android is API Version 24. In your player settings, make sure to set the minimum API to 24, otherwise you will be unable to build your project.

Known Issues

If you recieve the following error and cannot compile your Unity project, restart Unity.