com.mobiledgex.matchingengine.edgeeventsconfig.EdgeEventsConfig Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 EdgeEventsConfig (EdgeEventsConfig edgeEventsConfig)
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static EdgeEventsConfig createDefaultEdgeEventsConfig ()
static EdgeEventsConfig createDefaultEdgeEventsConfig (double latencyUpdateIntervalSeconds, double locationUpdateIntervalSeconds, double latencyThresholdTriggerMs, int latencyInternalPort)
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Public Attributes

int latencyInternalPort
 port information for latency testing. This is the AppPort's internal port, not public mapped port for current AppInst. Use 0 for selecting the first available port, favoring TCP.
int reconnectDelayMs
NetTest.TestType latencyTestType = NetTest.TestType.CONNECT
 TCP connect default. Use ping for UDP.
UpdateConfig latencyUpdateConfig
 config for latency updates
UpdateConfig locationUpdateConfig
 config for gps location updates
double latencyThresholdTrigger
 latency threshold in ms when new FindCloudlet is triggered
MatchingEngine.FindCloudletMode latencyTriggerTestMode
float performanceSwitchMargin
 Average performance must be by better by this latency margin (0 to 1.0f) before notifying of switch.
EnumSet< FindCloudletEventTriggertriggers
 events that application wants a new find cloudlet for

Detailed Description

EdgeEventsConfig is used to configure EdgeEvent parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EdgeEventsConfig()

com.mobiledgex.matchingengine.edgeeventsconfig.EdgeEventsConfig.EdgeEventsConfig ( EdgeEventsConfig  edgeEventsConfig)

copy constructor.

edgeEventsConfigan existing EdgeEvents config.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createDefaultEdgeEventsConfig() [1/2]

static EdgeEventsConfig com.mobiledgex.matchingengine.edgeeventsconfig.EdgeEventsConfig.createDefaultEdgeEventsConfig ( )
A DefaultEdgeEvents config profile.

◆ createDefaultEdgeEventsConfig() [2/2]

static EdgeEventsConfig com.mobiledgex.matchingengine.edgeeventsconfig.EdgeEventsConfig.createDefaultEdgeEventsConfig ( double  latencyUpdateIntervalSeconds,
double  locationUpdateIntervalSeconds,
double  latencyThresholdTriggerMs,
int  latencyInternalPort 


Helper util method to create a useful config for EdgeEventsConfig.

latencyUpdateIntervalSecondstime in seconds between attempts to test edge server latency.
locationUpdateIntervalSecondstime in seconds between attempts to inform the attached DME the current client GPS location.
latencyThresholdTriggerMsspecifies the minimum acceptable tested performance, before informing client with a new EdgeEvent.